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The “Keep our Sand and Sea Plastic Free” Project in collaboration with the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI) in the framework of the European Waste Reduction Week organizes an experiential workshop with the students of Kokkinochorion High School. The aim of this action is to actively involve the students in the problem of waste management, so that they can become responsible citizens actively taking part in the solution by reducing waste.

The workshop has already started with the beach clean-up of the Fig Tree Bay based on the European protocol of the Marine Litter Watch (

Then on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, the project coordinator is scheduled to visit the School to present the problem of waste and the lack of waste management, mainly in Cyprus. Once the trainees understand the magnitude of the problem, they will be divided into smaller groups and will sort and count the waste collected from the beach clean-up that they themselves did and record the results on the European Marine Litter Watch platform. Then, after discussing the top 10 waste items identified from the clean-up, each team will choose to take action on one of the top 10 waste items. For example, a team can select as its topic the reduction of single-use plastic coffee cups and take action to reduce their use, while communicating the action with their community. The most important objective of this endeavor is for the students themselves to find solutions to reduce each item and to send their own message to their community.


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Keep our Sand and Sea Plastic Free
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Actually this action is close to the public, because of COVID-19 measures.


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