making invisible to visible for children


WHAT will be done


I am planning to conduct two activities for 5 years old children to make the concept of invisible concretize for young children.



Children are informed about the use of water, invisible water use and water footprint concepts.  Various water footprints graphs is showed to children. The cycle of water consumption for various product (meat, egg, t-shirt, hamburger) is explained. Each children draw their right and left foot on the paper. Children paste picture of where they directly consume water (toilet, bathroom, dishwasher) on the right foot. Then they paste picture of where they indirectly consume water (foods, clothes) on the left foot. They calculated weekly water consumption. Each children’s water consumption is written on the table and teacher discussed the possible way of reducing water footprint with children.



Another activities is conducted toconcretize water footprint concept to children. Teacher said children let’s make a salad. Then teacher shoed a big bucket to children and asked them how much water will they use to make a salad. Each child make their guess. Teacher recorded children’s estimation. Teacher placed a container in the kitchen sink and let children wash salad ingredients. Water that used gathered in the bucket. Children made salad with the help of teacher. After eating salad together, they washed dishes and add used water in the bucket. Teacher measured water consumption and compared with children’s estimation. Teachers explained that we used this amount of water at each meal. We also used additional water to grow and transport to foods.



WHERE it will take place




Gevher Hatun mah.

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey Üniversitesi
# Educational Establishment

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Dates of the proposed action:

24/11/20, 27/11/20


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