Missioning for a Greener Sustainable Future


WHAT will be done


Organic Waste Reduction at School – events happening on all days that week
On the 18/11 after big break the ecoskola team would gather all the remaining lunches and record the weight of the waste.
In the next day 19/11, during a special assembly we would communicate such findings to the students and inform them how we could reduce lunch waste. We would also like to take the opportunity to share healthy lunch ideas with both students and parents (keeping in mind also that left over food will be put in the wormery and such food needs to be free from preservatives). Parents will be informed about this through our school facebook page.
IN the long run any of the food remainings will be put in the wormeries (one per grade), and we shall remind students about this during special assembly.
After having created awareness amongst students and parents we would check the weight of the organic waste left from lunches on 21/11. Students and parents will be communicated the results.


WHERE it will take place




Rabat Malta
34 Emmanuele Vitale Street Rabat

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


St. Paul's Missionary College Rabat Malta
# Educational Establishment

How can you get in contact:

Personal phone - 79970056
Email - Jessica.camillerigalea@spmc.edu.mt


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

18/11/2019, 19/11/2019, 20/11/2019, 21/11/2019, 22/11/2019


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