Movie debate on the impact of textiles: River Blue screening + clothing donation


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Since 2017, ACR+ is proudly the European Coordinator of the EWWR campaign but its involvement passes also by the role of action-developer. ACR+ team is happy to join the thousands of action developers involved in the 14th edition of the campaign organising a movie screening in Brussels.

River Blue, directed by David McIlvride and Roger Williams, follows the journey of the river conservationist, Mark Angelo examining the destruction of our rivers related to the textiles sector, its effect on humanity, and the solutions that inspire hope for a sustainable future. It raises awareness on the impact of the textile and clothing industry on rivers, but it also launches a call to action to change the fashion system.

The documentary will be screened at ACR+ premises. Then, the participants will be involved in an interactive debate and some team-building activities. Finally, each person will bring a piece of cloth not used anymore but that it is still in good condition. The collected clothes will be donated to a local charity association “Le Petits Riens”, which promotes second-hand shopping and that uses the revenues to support local charity projects.

If you would like to participate, get in touch with us.


WHERE it will take place


Belgium - Brussels


Avenue d Auderghem

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Association of Cities and Regions on sustainable Resource management
# Association/NGO

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Serena Lisai :


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