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During the European Week for Waste reduction, three seminars addressing packaging waste will be held in three different cities in Sweden; Göteborg (November 21st), Borås (November 22nd) and Malmö (November 24th). The seminars target packaging producers and user companies, as well as public and civil organisations. These seminares are organised by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Ekocentrum, City of Borås, and the business networks Sustainable Business Hub and Packbridge.

In Göteborg and Borås, the seminars will zoom in on producer-consumer relations; what are the responsibilities regarding packaging waste, what and who is driving packaging waste reduction initiatives, and how can different actors join forces to reduce packaging waste? Following four presentations addressing these questions, the audience will be invited to give their views in a workshop format. The seminars end with guidance in how public research funds can be used to facilitate cross-sectorial research and innovation activities to reduce packaging waste. Attending these seminars is free of charge.

In Malmö, the seminar will zoom in on the (professional) producer-recycling relations; how can packaging producers extend their cooperation with businesses downstream (e.g. collection, recycling and reuse) in order to reduce packaging waste. The set-up of this seminar resembles that of in Göteborg and Borås; five key-note speakers will provide the foundation for a joint discussion on how the actors in the entire packaging chain and researchers and innovators can team up to develop new packaging concepts which results in less waste.


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Göteborg, Borås, Malmö

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SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
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21/11/2016, 22/11/2016, 24/11/2016


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