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The new InformaGiovani at the City of Turin, located in the cloisters of the Cappella dei Mercanti, Baroque architecture from the second half of the 600, aims for a space re-functioning and new furniture.
The setting, designed by Izmade in collaboration with the Department of Youth has realized the use of furniture to welcome young people and to display information materials. The public service is provided through free materials for consultation on the shelves, dialogue with the staff, providing internet or private consulting meetings.
The furniture, designed and manufactured by Izmade are desks, bookcases, lecterns and chairs. The materials used are plywood made from local poplar and reused slats from roll-up shutters. This material is scrap generated by a process triggered by environmental policies and incentives on building renovation that led to replace windows and shutters that were once painted wood. The reclaimed strips of wood, each with different textures and colors has characterized the furniture.
The space, thus built, seeks to sensitize the young users to environmental sustainability through good practice of interior design.
Every piece of furniture has wheels in order to allow for different configuration and use of the space.
The InformaGiovani is also equipped with a mobile platform that can host all the functions of the center, becoming a service extension in the public space.


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Via Garibaldi

Action Developer

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City of Turin
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