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Nicki Souter Associates (NSA) will be hosting a Waste Free Lunch as part of European Week for Waste Reduction. We will invite all staff at NSA as well as our colleagues at Heritage Environmental Ltd (HEL) who we share an office building with.

The lunch is due to take place on Tuesday 22nd November with food preparation taking place in the office kitchen and eating to take place in the boardroom. Colleagues will be invited to join in this communal meal where everyone contributes and shares food in a way that encourages a more sustainable approach to food and aims to reduce food waste and packaging. Everyone will be asked to bring along a dish to share and the food brought along on the day could be:
• Something that’s been made from leftovers or other items already in storage at home;
• Extra portions of a dish that was being made anyway;
• A dish made from fresh ingredients where steps have been taken to reduce the associated packaging waste; or
• For those that aren’t so keen on cooking, something that has been purchased from the ‘reduced’ section in a shop.

It will be suggested that folk bring along a container to take home any leftovers.

The invitation will go out via email and the email will contain information about food waste such as how much food is thrown away, the environmental impact of this waste and Scotland’s food waste reduction target.

Re-usable crockery and dishes will be used and there are composting facilities available for unavoidable food waste. The office building additionally has recycling facilities for cans, plastic bottles, glass, paper and card.

In order to publicise, NSA will consider posting this event on our company Twitter account.

The potential impacts of our waste free lunch include:
• A food waste reduction action taken by staff at NSA and HEL;
• Increased awareness amongst colleagues of food waste and food packaging waste in Scotland and how to reduce this waste;
• Increased awareness of recycling facilities in the office building; and
• Promotion of EWWR and our action amongst our company contacts.


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United Kingdom
- Scotland


High Street

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Nicki Souter Associates
# Business/Industry

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