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Our school is organising a clean-up day, which is aimed to motivate the outer community and make all people aware about the litter being left on our streets on the market day generating environmental issues and to show that everyone must give a helping hand to our environment.

As we wanted to show a clear message that we are people who care for our environment we needed to spread the message, thus being aware of this matter we invited the students’ parents to join us to spread the message. With great responsibility we needed to be a good example to parents and to the outer community in a simple way to show that the simple things we do can leave a huge impact on the environment.

Thus, students, teachers and parents will be off to the market place to pick-up the waste which will be left over on our streets where the village market is located. Additional to this students also will take the opportunity to provide information to the stall vendors about the importance of reducing waste. We will manage to instill awareness to the hundreds of people who happen to be at the market place, but besides all we will be a good example to all who happen to be at the market as with great responsibility it estimated that we will collect many kilos of waste left behind by irresponsible people. Waste will be weighted and recorded.


WHERE it will take place




Steeple street

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


St. Francis Primary School Cospicua
# Educational Establishment

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School Project Coordinator


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