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Office Work – Zero Waste
Circulars which are being given to parents are now being sent electronically. This means that after that in the previous years we have reduced the amount of paper by half, now we have reached our aim in producing zero waste of paper throughout the scholastic year.

Lunch boxes, flasks and cloth napkins in the classrooms
The students are aware about waste reduction and the quantity of waste around us, thus, we managed to instil our students a strong sense of wanting to leave the world a better place by reducing the quantity of waste. This activity has been enhanced year after year and now we can say that all students are bringing their lunch in a lunch box together with a drinking flask instead of a bottle of water and a cloth napkin. In doing so, in each and every classroom waste packaging is being reduced 100%.

Caps of plastic bottles
To make the students’ and parents more aware about waste minimisation, we are collecting caps of plastic water bottles, soda and others, from the students’ families and also from their relatives. These caps are being collected to minimise waste from our families’ homes. Later on they will also be donated to charity for another good cause.

Reused material throughout the school
To instil more awareness within the school community, for the school concert and for various projects that are held at our school props are made from reused material.
Various classes made activity lessons by producing different objects using reused material. During craft lessons reused material is being brought to school so to show the students that we can deliver the same activity without generating waste even at our homes. Thus, reused material such as Cereal cardboard, used cds, used paper, used carton, used cups, toilet paper rolls, plastic water bottles, used Christmas cards, etc.. are being used to create different objects and Christmas decorations, while always keeping in mind to teach the students about the responsibility of minimising waste.

Reusing old cloths
For the traditional feast of St. Martin, which falls in November, in the previous years parents were asked to sew bags using old material provided by the school. The bags are still being given to the students with traditional food on the said occasion. Now it is a routine for the students to bring the bags back to school to be reused for the following year.

Collecting used batteries
We know that many of our things are run on batteries, thus being aware that it doesn’t make sense how we tend to dispose our batteries by simply throwing them in a dustbin and that they contain a variety of chemicals – which can do some damage to the environment, we also tried to instil such awareness in our students.
Being aware of all this, after that we have instilled in our students a sense of responsibility and awareness about this fact, our school took the initiative to collect unused batteries which they had at their homes and also at their relatives’ to be disposed properly in a special bin for collection of batteries was given to us by ‘WasteServ Malta’.

Daily waste separation
Besides that children are separating waste every day in their respective classrooms, before school finishes an environmentalist from each class has the important role to separate them again in the bring-in site bins which are place in a prominent place in our school yard.

These are still ongoing activities which were introduced in our school in the previous years.


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Steeple street

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St. Francis Primary School Cospicua
# Educational Establishment

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School Project Coordinator


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21/11/2016, 22/11/2016, 23/11/2016, 24/11/2016, 25/11/2016


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