Online-talk: where to search for motivation and inspiration to become eco-conscious.


WHAT will be done


During the conversation, the representative of our organization Diana Popfalushi will tell visitors to one of the city’s libraries and other interested persons about eco-conscious life and show where you can get inspiration to participate in the eco-movement.
The idea of the event arose in the wake of a growing eco-shaming tendence among the population, many are already tired of looking for solutions and taking at least some steps towards eco-consciousness. The event`s aim is to debunk this concern, show that every step is important, share experiences and examples of other activists who are already on the move, and be inspired to live a conscious life together.
The focus of the conversation will be the rejection of disposable plastic in favor of reusable items, as well as conscious consumption through the prism of the hidden value of certain things.
As an outcome of the event we will collect stories from the participants an share them on our social media accounts.


WHERE it will take place


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Lviv, Ukraine

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Zero Waste Lviv
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Telephone number 380634261703


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