participating at panel discussion ‘On the Path to Zero Waste Cities: The Case of Organic Waste’


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TRiFOCAL representative, Antony Buchan – Head of Programme – Local Authority Support (Resource London), will participate on a panel to discuss organic waste during the EWWR, at the Zero Waste Cities conference in Brussels on Monday 19th November 2018.

TRiFOCAL is an EU LIFE funded project that aims to transform city food habits by influencing both consumer and business behaviour. TRiFOCAL has developed campaign activity that is being piloted in London, as a test bed for other European Cities.

The project takes an innovative approach of combining 3 key messages of:
1. Food Waste Prevention
2. Food Waste Recycling
3. Healthy Sustainable Eating

The initiative is working with 8 EU cities to develop their own TRiFOCAL campaign, and are currently recruiting for an additional 2 EU replication cities.

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United Kingdom
- Aragon


avenue du port, 86c/3002

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