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“Entreparents” is an NGO created to support parenthood by helping parents and parents-to-be feel less isolated and better informed.

Our EWWR action will consist in a Pre-loved childrens’ clothes sale. We will collect baby and childrens’ clothes from ages 0 to 6 years old and then sell them second-hand on November 26th as part of a larger Monaco EWWR event organised by the Mairie de Monaco (Monaco townhall) at the “Casa Di Soci” from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The money raised will go towards the NGO’s funding and activities, and unsold clothes will be given to two other NGOs for children and families in need: the Monaco Red Cross and “Mission Enfance”.

The event serves the following objectives: 1) encourage parents from our NGO and generally living in and around Monaco to avoid throwing away clothes by giving them a second life, thereby reducing their environmental impact ; 2) encourage parents to buy second hand rather than new clothes in order to reduce their environmental footprint; 3) promote our NGO and get new parents to join the network; 4) raise money for the NGO and collect clothes for families in need.

Facts and numbers on the subject of textile overconsumption and waste will be communicated to educate the Entreparents network and participants both before the event (on our social media platforms) and during the event (on posters that will be later reused), allowing to reach families that are not necessarily initially aware of environmental issues and inclined towards ecofriendly actions.

For this event, Entreparents is partnering with the Mairie de Monaco and with the Princely Government’s Mission for Energy Transition, which will hold a workshop to educate children on waste reduction and sorting and invite parents to sign their “National Pact for Energy Transition” and commit to personal action to reduce their carbon footprint.


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Promenade Honoré II
2 bis

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You can email us at, join our Facebook group "Entreparents" or follow our Instagram account "entreparents"


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