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Most people don’t realize how much food they throw away every day from fruit and vegetable peels during mail preparation.

EPA estimates that in 2018, about 68 percent of the wasted food we generated or about 42.8 million tons ended up in landfills or combustion facilities. Some countries struggle with hunger, while others throw away their food.

It is estimated that food production will increase from 4.8 tons to 13.5 tons per year with the increase in the world population and changes in diet style. In addition, water and energy resources are rapidly running out to meet the food need.

Moreover, our world consumes natural resources in a year in August 2018 (21 days before the turkey is consumed worldwide) exceeded the global limit.

By managing food sustainably and reducing waste, we can help businesses and consumers save money, provide a bridge in our communities for those who do not have enough to eat, conserve energy and resources for future generations and reduce methane emissions.

Ataşehir Municipality has started a project on the sustainability of waste food named “Ataşehirli Öncüler”.

The importance of the “Ataşehirli Öncüler” project reveals the pioneering role of women in raising awareness at this very point. For this purpose, “Ataşehirli Öncüler” was started under the leadership of Ataşehir Municipality with the slogan “A Different Neighborhood is Possible”; In cooperation with Fenerbahçe University and women in Fetih Neighborhood.

This project aims to increase awareness about creating zero waste with practical and theoretical trainings in neighborhood markets with access to food and observing unconscious waste, to adopt methods of consuming and deriving food in the most efficient way, to create the awareness of women and the whole society to derive food waste, and to develop zero and life projects. The project is important in terms of efficient use of resources, restoration of nature, remembering the cultural carrier role of the person, and creating a social awareness.

The aim of the project:

*Create the society, nature and food chain with zero waste perceived.

*Transforming ecological awareness into a campaign with the goal of a livable world.

*Show that food can be made by using the shells, stems and tops of under-counter products (vegetable, fruit) starting from our neighborhood markets with the goal of zero waste.

*Direct the new generations to traditional food evaluation methods by using all the possibilities of social media.

*Change ecological and economic behavior, prepare food in healthy nutrition, raise awareness of storage techniques, minimize food and all other wastes, raise awareness about organic waste utilization methods, and the difference of food.

On the European Week for Waste Reduction, the Fetih Neighborhood market will be visited, the food in the form of waste will be taken, and then pickles, vinegar, jam and cat food will be made after the materials are  sorted and cleaned. After 2 weeks of fermenting, pickles, vinegar, jam and cat food made in the same district market will be distributed to the citizens. It will be explained that waste materials in the market are utilized, not wasted and this is a way of life and should be. In the continuation of the same project, it is planned to continue the project by working on composting, making cosmetics and cleaning materials away from chemicals, eco-life, etc.

On the European Week for Waste Reduction,  Ataşehir Municipality will share the details of the activities with social media accounts.


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25/11/20, 27/11/20


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