Pruning waste turns into compost manure in Bursa Nilüfer


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As the amount of waste produced increases day by day due to rapid population growth, industrialization and the rapid growth of cities, it has become necessary to make a feasible and sustainable waste management plan. Recycling or disposing of wastes without harming the environment is also of great importance for the ecological balance of the world. Nilüfer Municipality has implemented a new application in this context.Nilüfer Municipality Directorate of Parks and Gardens ensures that the pruning wastes from the sites and gardens in the city are disposed of regularly in order not to cause visual and environmental pollution, and the collected waste is now recycled. Nilüfer Municipality collects approximately 7 thousand tons of pruning waste annually from the sites and gardens from the parks in the city and to the residence addresses of the citizens, and with its new application, these wastes are recycled to the soil. Pruning wastes collected from all districts of the city are collected in the landfill created in Alaaddinbey District.

The collected wastes are converted into compost manure with organic content by passing through a chipper and forming piles.Compost fertilizers obtained from this practice, which contributes greatly to the environment and economy, are used in parks, gardens and various areas throughout the city. Nilüfer Municipality also saves big economically thanks to the project. Nilüfer Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate also conducts training activities for site managers in order to ensure that citizens comply with the pruning schedule between November 1 and March 15.


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İhsaniye mah. Cumhuriyet Meydanı 2/A 2/B Blok 16130

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