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WHAT will be done


About our project: LIFE ECODIGESTION 2.0 is LIFE Programme Project, its main objective is the scale-up of technology in order to produce biogas on demand with WWTP sludge, using agri-food waste and slurry as a co-substrate. The technology is based on the one developed in the previous LIFE ECODIGESTION project LIFE13 ENV/ES/377, which targeted the development, implementation and demonstration on a pilot scale of an innovative technology that worked on the automatized control for the dosage of waste in anaerobic digesters of WWTP and, consequently, maximized biogas production and waste treatment capacity. With the aim of avoid the loss of resources and energy contained in wastes & sludge from WWTP by developing a control, managing and decision-making tool for optimizing the co-digestion of waste in digesters of WWTPs. Environmental and economic benefits will be achieved by greater and better controlled biogas production, as well as optimum waste exploitation.

LIFE ECODIGESTION 2.0 poject objectives are:

I- Valorise agri-food waste as co-substrate and then convert these residues into by-products, accordingly with COM(2014) 398 Final and Directive 2008/98/CE. This objective has been formulated in the framework of the application of waste hierarchy principle (Directive 2008/98/CE).

II- Increase the amount of agri-food waste that can be treated in existing real-scale facilities in WWTPs where currently are doing the co-digestion in about 192% compared to the amount co-digested nowadays, assuring the stability of the reactor and on-demand biogas production.

About the event:
This EWWR encounter will be focused on creating a community and sharing experiences on sustainable waste treatment strategies. We have invited projects such as BIOMASA – CAP, whose objectives include obtaining new biofuels from waste and is also committed to training and raising awareness of the use of biomass as an energy resource. Another participant would be G2G Algae – the cultivation of micro seaweed as a solution. Our projects panel will also include another LIFE Programme projects.
Our objective is to host experts in the sector such as the Catalan Waste Agency and representatives from the Valencian Comunity as it will be the European Green Capital in 2024.

We believe it is opportune to conclude the event with a round table discussion in which the speakers can contribute on how their organisation/project positions itself with regard to the questions that follow:

I How does your organisation contribute to the latent problem of waste management?

II We are facing a global scenario of unsustainable consumption and production patterns, from your point of view, what is the best way to face this challenge?

III There is also a great lack of awareness on the part of citizens with respect to all the problems mentioned above. If it is already being implemented, can you explain this in more detail?


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Belgium - Brussels


Avenue des Arts

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Finnova Foundation
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