RE-think: REuse, REduce, REcycle!RE-think: REuse, REduce, REcycle!


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Science Reactors

 Science Reactors, a group of young talented scientists in Science Communication are willing to organize an event for the general public in the frame of the European Waste Reduction Week_21 under the title.

Place: Atraktos – Marathonomachon 8, Athina, Greece

Date: 26/11/21

Time: 20:00

A dynamic Stand up Science performance under the title “RE-think: REduce, REuse, REcycle” will be the central axis of this event. At the same time in collaboration with other groups, similar actions will take place targeted to this European campaign: to raise  awareness to the next-door neighbour to Re-think the way we live and  consume.

More specifically:

In 2019 Science Rectors set up a stand-up performance as part of the Athens Science Festival 19 on the subject: RE-think (re-use, re-duce, re-cycle) which had been a great success in the past.

The proposed performance will be quite different and will include a great variety of themes such as circular economy, sustainable development, veganism, and pollution. Our aim is to raise awareness, explain environmental topics in an effective way, and propose smart ways to re-think and implement the 3Rs rule (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle).

After the stand-up performance, the non-profit company ENALEIA will present its exceptional actions in the field of marine pollution and reuse of plastic from the sea, through a video projection.

On the outside hall there will be two small exhibitions from two institutions promoting circular economy (reusing/upcycling and sustainable fashion):


The first  exhibition will aim at reusing/upcycling materials that cannot be recycled, such as banners, motorcycle inner tubes and at transforming them into beautiful objects for our daily life such as bags, backpacks, book covers, glasses pouches, laptop sleeves etc. In a similar spirit, the second exhibition will be a Project on Sustainable Fashion and Circular economy by the students of AthensFashionClub. The future of the fashion industry depends on the proper training of young designers on sustainable techniques and new business models and how they integrate these into the way they design and operate their businesses.

Finally, YADES dancing group will close this unique event with an interesting choreography inspired by the subjects mentioned above.


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Science Reactors
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Τ. +30 210 6395458 και +30 697 4228637


Instagram: @sciencereactors


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