Reaching Targets through the Younger Generation


WHAT will be done


Ħal Kirkop Local Council in collaboration with the Kirkop Primary School will be organising two competitions, mainly to enhance the importance of recycling among the young generation.

The first competition will encourage students to collect empty bottles. The student with the maximum amount (in weight) of plastic bottles will win the competition. This will strengthen the need for waste separation and raise awareness for more recycling. This will help Malta reach European targets.

The second competition will encourage students to collect recyclable waste and by means of innovative ideas reuse it to create Christmas decorations. The best entry will be the sample for a larger version of the decoration which will be done by the Council for the Christmas season.

Moreover, on the 24th of November, 2017, the Local Council in collaboration with the Primary School, GreenPak and WasteServ will be organising an exhibition with all the entries included in the second competition. During this exhibition, talks regarding recycling, waste separation and organic waste will be given to all primary school students and their parents.

After these talks the students and their parents will be encouraged to take part in a game regarding separation of waste, whereby they will be shown different waste items, and they have to choose in which bag this should be disposed,

Winners of both competitions will be announced and prizes given to the winners. A certificate of participation will be given to all those taking part in these competitions.

The Local Council is also preparing a promotional video regarding waste separation and all Council services related to waste collection. This will feature the younger generation showing their parents and grandparents recycling techniques.

This feature will be shown to all those present during the event and will also be published on social media, to enhance the importance of recycling.

During the EWWR, children will be encouraged collect used soft toys, cushions, cloths leftovers, used buttons, and other used materials. These will be given to the Kirkop Elderly Day Centre so that those attending will transform these used items into a new recycled product. These will then be sold in a bazaar to collect funds for a good cause.


WHERE it will take place




Ħal Kirkop
Triq San Benedittu

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Ħal Kirkop Local Council
# Administration/Public Authority

How can you get in contact:

Email -
Facebook - Hal Kirkop Local Council
Phone - 21680099


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

18/11/2017, 19/11/2017, 20/11/2017, 21/11/2017, 22/11/2017, 23/11/2017, 24/11/2017


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