Reading Puppets


WHAT will be done


Preparation: The Students School Committee met during the first week of school and decided to make use of milk cartons instead of throwing them away. They came up with the idea of creating Reading Puppets for the Reading Club.

Persons Involved: SMT, Eko Skola Committee, Art Teacher, Teachers, Literacy Support Teacher, KGAs, LSAs, Minor Staff, students and parents

Activity: During the European Week for Waste Reduction the school council together with the Art Teacher and other interested students will meet to cut, paint and prepare puppets from milk cartons. The students decided on various themes such as – animals, people at work etc…. and a set of puppets will be created for each theme. In the meantime the SMT, the parent librarian of the school and the Literacy Support Teacher will choose books which will be used for Shared Reading, followed up by Role-Play using these puppets.

Final Product: Reading Sessions will be held throughout the year by the Reading Club at our school. The puppets will be part and parcel of these sessions.


WHERE it will take place




Ferris Street
RBT 2190

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Rabat Primary School
# Educational Establishment

How can you get in contact:
Assistant Head of School


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

19/11/2016, 20/11/2016, 21/11/2016, 22/11/2016, 23/11/2016, 24/11/2016, 25/11/2016, 26/11/2016, 27/11/2016


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