Recreos Residuos Cero – Zero Waste Recesses


WHAT will be done


Our center, CEIP San Fernando, is part of the Network of Sustainable Schools of the Community of Madrid, and we continue to develop actions within our Action Plan for Sustainability.

One of the aspects we work on in all classes is the separation of waste for its correct treatment. For this reason, in each classroom we have three packaging containers: the cardboard-waste bin (blue), the plastic bin (yellow) and the waste bin (grey).

But we want to go one step further by participating again in the Recreos Residuos Cero program organized by Teachers for Future Spain and the Ministry for the Ecological Transition.

This program consists of motivating students so that there is no waste in their lunches or snacks, or at least the minimum possible. To do this, they must use returnable containers such as lunch boxes for solids and canteens for water in order to eliminate plastic bottles and single-use containers such as plastic, aluminum foil, etc.


WHERE it will take place


Spain - Madrid


C/ Santiago Rusiñol

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


CEIP San Fernando
# Educational Establishment


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

18/11/23, 19/11/23, 20/11/23, 21/11/23, 22/11/23, 23/11/23, 24/11/23, 25/11/23, 26/11/23


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