Recycle for Christmas


WHAT will be done


In our school, it is customary for children to bring Christmas decorations to decorate the school during the festive season. This year the children will be encouraged to create the decorations by using reused materials. This will be done under the supervision of the teachers during crafts lessons during the proposed dates. Therefore, instead of buying material for Christmas Crafts or buying ready made decorations, children will be asked to bring used items or items that will otherwise be thrown away such as torn socks, torn clothing, loose buttons, used plastic bottles, used cans / tins, used strings / corks / Christmas Cards / wrapping paper etc. These will be used to make Christmas Decorations for the school such as stockings, Christmas Calendar, Christmas Wreaths, Christmas Trees and other Christmas Ornaments. These decorations will be kept by the school to reuse in the forthcoming years.


WHERE it will take place




Tal-Hriereb Road
MSD 1670

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


St. Francis School, Msida
# Educational Establishment

How can you get in contact:
LSA (School Coordinator for EWWR)


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

23/11/2015, 24/11/2015, 25/11/2015, 26/11/2015


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