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The Malta Sound Women Network is a new organisation, affiliated with the Yorkshire Sound Women Network (UK) and supported by the Malta School of Music. We aim to bring like-minded women together; to share knowledge and skills in music and sound technology, sonic arts, production, audio-electronics, and anything to do with using kit to create sound!
In addition to professional networking the MSWN will provide free education and mentoring to women and girls in fields relating to music technology.
We also aim to organise soundwalks and events featuring/promoting women’s music throughout the year; we are open to collaborations with other organisations/events with similar goals. Events, shows, installations, concerts and soundwalks hosted by the organisation are inclusive of everyone, however the monthly network meetings are a space exclusively for women.

Our education initiative is available exclusively to women and aims to encourage, mentor and promote women in electronic music. This initiative will launch in EWWR and focus on environmental projects.

The adult course will facilitate the creation of soundscapes using samples taken in soundwalks focusing on the changing and shrinking countryside of Malta.

The junior course will involve a cleanup where recycled materials are collected, cleaned and reused to create sensory electronic instruments which the children will wire themselves.

These projects will be displayed in the Action Planet exhibition in Spazju Kreattiv in February 2018.

In addition to these courses the MSWN will host public soundwalks to encourage members of the public to deeply listen to, appreciate and connect with out countryside.

After the exhibition the instruments will be stored and used in future MSWN concerts and installations, the material will not be thrown away or recycled.


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Triq J Abela Skolaro
malta school of music
HMR 1304

Action Developer

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Malta Sound Women Network
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18/11/2017, 25/11/2017


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