Reduce your waste – let’s make the Change!


WHAT will be done


The main activity will be the team building activity which will involve the participation of 18 employees of the Company from various departments. The main objective of the activity will be to encourage the employees to find new ways of doing various things both during their activities at work and also in their personal life to reduce waste. The more practical ways that they seek to reduce waste, the employees will benefit by adopting them in their daily routine.
Malta Freeport employees will be encouraged to involve other firms and companies within the Freeport apart from the local community of Birzebbuga so that they will be able to brain- storm to find effective ways of doing things that will generate less waste.

Furthermore, Malta Freeport will also be including an activity for the students of the Birzebbuga Primary School, residents attending the local Day Care Centre and the business community. A short presentation by a Freeport official will be given focusing on the theme of EWWR 2019.

The slogan will be Reduce your waste – let’s make the Change!
As a result, Malta Freeport employees will be encouraged to disseminate their findings with as many persons as possible through the use of various social media.

Clean Up Activity
Malta Freeport Terminals’ employees will also participate in a clean- up activity of an area at the locality of Birzebbuga which will be identified together with the Birzebbuga Local Council as part of the Freeport’s efforts to contribute in the cleaning up of its neighbourhood.
The following are some of the other activities that will be organised:

• An intensive campaign to encourage the employees to separate waste both at the workplace and at home.

An initiative will be organised with the management of the canteen to separate all waste including organic waste

Various other initiatives promoted with the Office Personnel

• Re-use envelopes
• Print & photocopy on both sides of paper
• Employees will be encouraged to turn off all equipment before leaving the offices such as computers, printers, photocopiers
• To close doors and windows when air-conditioners are working and switch-off when not required

Initiatives promoted with the employees at the Container Terminals

• Operators were encouraged to switch off lights of the cranes and offices during the day
• Port Workers/ Operators will be encouraged not to leave engines on of tugs and lifters running unnecessarily
• To close doors and windows when air conditioners are working and switch off air conditioners when not required
• Separation of waste – A Waste Separation Management System is in place at the Container Terminals. This waste separated is disposed in an adequate manner through authorised contractors. In fact at the Container Terminals the Company is continually stressing the importance of waste separation of the following waste: Metal, Rubber, Paper, Batteries, Waste Oil, Organic Waste, Oil Drums , Wood and Cardboard.


WHERE it will take place




Port of Marsaxlokk

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Malta Freeport Terminals Limited
# Business/Industry

How can you get in contact:
Via email: or by calling the Marketing Department on 22251208.


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

18/11/2019, 19/11/2019, 20/11/2019, 21/11/2019, 22/11/2019


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