Reducing Packaging Waste in the Christmas Season


WHAT will be done


On Tuesday 22 November2016 the Siggiewi Local Council will organise an educational workshop for Year 4 Students and the elderly that attend the Siggiewi Day Centre. The event will be organised in collaboration with the Siggiewi Primary School. The workshop will create awareness on the increase in packaging waste during the Christmas Season generated mainly from an increase in gifts, meals and festive events. The workshop will also provide tips on alternative initiatives that families in our community may take to reduce packaging waste while still celebrating positively this festive season. Children and Elderly will therefore be encouraged to take the message home and in turn encourage parents and siblings to engage in environment-friendly initiatives to reduce packaging waste during the Christmas Season. Following the workshop, the Siggiewi Local Council will interview some participants on what they have learnt from the workshop and produce a visual feature which will be uploaded on the Local Council’s social media and Siggiewi social media pages. The impact of the event will therefore be long-term and the message will reach all generations of our community.


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Pjazza San Nikola
SGW 1073

Action Developer

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Siggiewi Local Council

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Deputy Mayor


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