Repurposing Old Unused Shirts into Reusable BagsRepurposing Old Unused Shirts into Reusable Bags


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A few years ago, the Scout Association of Malta went through a process of rebranding and changed the design of the scouts’ activity wear all across Malta. The 1st Birkirkara Scout Group complied with this rebranding exercise and as a result we ended up with a large box of unused scout shirts comprising the obsolete branding. These shirts can no longer be used by our members and thus we decided to repurpose these shirts into something useful, which can be reused, instead of throwing them away.

During camping, activities and sleepovers, our members bring reusable mess tins/containers and cutlery to be used during meal times. Many times these are brought in disposable plastic bags but a few members bring them in a reusable cloth bag. We were thus inspired to convert the old scout shirts into reusable cloth bags, which can be used to carry the mess tins and cutlery, through a t-shirt bag craft activity.

Through this action, our scout group will be implementing ‘Repurpose’ and ‘Reuse’ which are part of the 7Rs of Sustainability. Our young members will also become aware about the importance of reusing and upcycling clothes, which is part of the thematic aspect of EWWR 2021 – Circular community.

The Troop section, comprising of young members aged between 10 and 14 years, will be doing this action during their weekly meeting. Photos of this activity will be shared on social media during EWWR.


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Triq il-Qrejzu

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1st Birkirkara Scout Group
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