Responsible Coastal Business Network (RCBN)Responsible Coastal Business Network (RCBN)


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The Responsible Coastal Business Network (RCBN) is part of AKTI’s project “Zero Waste Beach”, in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Foundation. The RCBN targets owners/managers and workers in all types of small (employs less than 50 staff) and medium-large (employs more than 250 staff) coastal businesses. It aims to inform them about marine litter and encourage them to participate in and implement activities  that will achieve the best possible management of plastic waste, either produced within their coastal business or left behind by beach goers. Member registration is simple and free of charge. One condition of this membership is that the business is informed about the relevant practices to reduce marine litter and possibly implements one or more of them. Another condition of their network membership, is to record the amount of recyclable waste (PMD, glass, general) that they dispose. Examples of good practices are presented through a Decalogue developed by AKTI. Businesses wishing to join the Network, should contact AKTI. A member of staff will then visit them for an hour meeting, where a relevant guide of good practices will be presented and coastal businesses will be informed about the opportunities offered by the network. The members of the network, currently more than 200, are listed on the interactive Responsible Coastal Businesses Network map created by AKTI: Members of the Network can participate in the competition that was launched within the framework of the «Zero Waste Beach» project. The competition aims to promote sustainable practices incorporated by coastal businesses in their operation, and to minimize plastic waste entering the coastal and marine environment, thus mitigating/reducing the pollution they cause. The aim of this activity on the 23/11/2021 is to strengthen and expand this network.


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AKTI Project and Research Centre
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Phone: +357 22458485
Instagram: @akti_ngo


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