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WHAT will be done


We will do two parts of the action. One is a digital event for the whole week published on our Facebook-  and Instagrampage. In the digital campaign we will highlight the theme Circular and Sustainable Textiles. There will be a mixture of short intervjues with local companies working with mending and fixing clothes and shoes. Posts of information, facts and statistics about textiles and the textile industry. A lot of good examles of how to make textiles sustainable. We will also present posters and sculptures of textiles in an collaboration we have done with students in a artprogramme in a upper secondary school. Besides the mentioned posts we will arrange quizzes and other quetions to see how people react and respond to the theme.

The second part is to display the students’ work in different places to create discussion and make people think about sustainable textiles and their consumption habits. We will first exhibit at the Gästerike återvinnares headquarters and later move the exhibition to the County Museum, where the exhibition runs between the  10-29 of January. Länsmuseet Gävleborg | Här hittar du Gävleborgs historia (  After that we will take the exihibition into the mall of Gävle which lies in the city centre from the 30th of January and for two weeks.  Gallerian Nian – Köpcentrum & Shopping I Gävle City

We have also started to make collection of profile clothes which will start during the EWWR week. Clothes that are often incinerated because they have a logo on them. Now we can collect these for recycling instead. We have made special bins for the purpose that will be placed in stores that sell those kind of clothes with logos on them. 



WHERE it will take place




801 28

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Gästrike återvinnare
# Association/NGO

How can you get in contact:

Eva Johansson


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

19/11/22, 20/11/22, 21/11/22, 22/11/22, 23/11/22, 24/11/22, 25/11/22, 26/11/22, 27/11/22


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