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November 26th is the date of the beta-release of Emmaus Fredriksdals sustainable project Returguiden. The launch will be held at the local event Sustainable Christmas at Stenkrossen in Lund, Sweden together with a serie of seminars on circular economy and sustainability, a concept derived from stakeholder discussions at previous network meetings. Through this action, our network of local green businesses and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to meet, listen to lectures on circular economy and sustainability. In the breakout sessions participants will also have the opportunity to engage with the lecturers, spread green ideas and network with other participants.

Financed by SIDA, the objective of the Returguiden app is to help fulfill the 12th Global Sustainability Goal; Sustainable consumption and production. Our focus is mainly at 12.8: Sustainable lifestyles in harmony with nature with the aim to ensure that all people everywhere by the year 2030 have the information and the awareness needed for sustainable development and lifestyles harmonizing with nature.

We mean to reach this goal by developing a responsive mobile application for Android with two main functions; to visualize the locations of sustainable consumption choices and an upcycling guide that informs and inspires the user to upcycle foremost, and smarter recycling as a last resort, in accordance with the waste hierarchy. This way, trash and waste alike are treated as non-existing option for the consumer, a statement we hope will help shift the user towards sustainable lifestyles and strengthen sustainable entrepreneurs on the market at the same time, enabling their businesses with a mutual platform.

Emmaus Fredriksdal is a religiously and politically independent non-profit organization that promotes a fair distribution of our planet’s resources. We collect clothes and other items all over southern Sweden that we sell in our second-hand stores. The surplus generated from this reuse of our societies excess wealth is then used to finance and operate relief projects all over the world.


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