Reuse of clothes, books and toys


WHAT will be done


!! This action is cancelled due to the Covid-19 safetymeasures. It will be rescheduled, for more information please contact the action developer.

The Municipality of Ioannina, in collaboration with the primary scholls of the city, will collect clothes, books and toys, which the Organisation of Social Protection, Solidarity and Preschool Education of the Municipality (OKPAPA), will redistribute to children and people who need them.

In more detail, the young srudents will learn aboun reuse from their teachers and will collect clothes, books and toys, that they don’t need any more, in their schools, during EWWR 2020 ( 21-29/11/2020). Then OKPAPA will gather them and after their proper classification will redistribute them through the social grocery of the Municipality or in the context of its other actions, covering the needs of vulnerable groups, such as refugees, migrants, hosted in the city.

Young students will learn about reuse as means of reducing waste, as part of a circular economy that allows the product life cycle to be extended and employment created, as well as social solidarity in difficult times for society as a whole or for specific groups of our fellow human beings.

As the country is in ageneral lockdown due to COVID-19 , there won’t be any open events and the action will be taken in compliance with all necessary protection measures.



WHERE it will take place




Plateia Andrea Papandreou

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Municipality of Ioannina
# Administration/Public Authority

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Dates of the proposed action:

21/11/20, 22/11/20, 23/11/20, 24/11/20, 25/11/20, 26/11/20, 27/11/20, 28/11/20, 29/11/20


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