Reuse thru’ Creativity & Fun


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Reuse thru’ Creativity & Fun

The main activity will be the team building activity which will involve the participation of 15 employees of Malta Freeport Terminals from various departments. However a number of initiatives and activities will also be undertaken by Malta Freeport Terminals during European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR2017) to attain the objective set of disseminating the message of EWWR2017 of Reuse and Repair – Give it a new life! with a significant amount of persons from various sectors and not just Malta Freeport Terminals’ employees.

Team building Activity

The team building activity will be focusing on the theme of EWWR 2017 – ‘Reuse & Repair – Give it a new life!’. The main objective of the activity is to encourage the employees to create new items by reusing and repairing items many of which are used at the workplace eg. pallets, tyres, metal, etc. The new items that will be created by the employees that will be participating in the team building activity will be given to charitable institutions. As part of the initiatives that will be taken, the employees will also have to create items from reusable material which are to be placed at the workplace to be enjoyed by other employees and also third parties that enter the Container Terminals.
The 15 employees will also have to reply to questions on this year’s theme of EWWR 2017 and general questions on the 3Rs to be able to win points to be able to choose the material they require to create the new object.
Give Boxes
The employees will also be creating ‘give boxes’ and will be encouraging entities including schools, institutions, the Local Council etc. to donate a wide range of products mainly books, magazines, cloths, toys, houseware items etc. which they no longer use so that such items will be either swapped with other employees or else they will be given to institutions to be reused and re-cycled. Some item will also be given to the animal charity shops whereby the items will be sold at a nominal price and the funds collected are used for animal welfare.

Clean Up Activity

Malta Freeport Terminals’ employees will also be participating in a clean- up activity of an area at the locality of Birzebbuga which will be identified by the Birzebbuga Local Council as part of the Freeport’s efforts to contribute in the cleaning up of its neighbourhood. In addition to the Freeport’s employees, representatives of institutions that the Company supports through its Corporate and Social Responsibility programme will also participate in this activity.

Transport Pooling

During EWWR 2017, the employees of the Freeport will be encouraged to use transport pooling. The main scope of this activity is to encourage the employees to continue using this system even after EWWR. This will result in reduced damage to the environment as fewer fumes will be emitted and will also result in reduced use of fuel.

EWWR2017 Event for the children of the employees

Malta Freeport will also be organising an event for the children of its employees. During this event various activities will be organised and the children will be shown how to create new items from reused objects. They will also engage in a clean-up event which will be held at Xrobb l-Ghagin, a park which is visited daily by a significant amount of people. During the activity the children will be asked to invite other children present at the park to participate in the activities that will be organised to promote the theme of this year and the importance of the 3Rs. The children will also be asked to write a message on the theme of this year and on the 3Rs on pebbles / stones which will be left in various places around the park and in public places in Birzebbga. The persons that find them will be encouraged to post photos of them on the social media and hence in this way we will be disseminating the message of EWWR2017. Other activities will be organised to promote in a fun and creative manner the theme of EWWR 2017 with the children. A quiz will also be organised on the 3Rs and on general knowledge regarding the disposal of waste.
Reuse Activity for the students of Birzebbuga

Malta Freeport will also be organising an activity for the students of the Birzebbuga Primary School. After a presentation by a Freeport official which will focus on the theme of EWWR 2017, the students, with the assistance of Freeport’s employees and their teachers will be asked to create an object/s with the use of reusable material. The object / objects that will be created are to be enjoyed by all the students of the school.

Various other initiatives will be pursued by the Freeport during EWWR 2017 including:

Initiatives to be promoted with the Office Personnel

• Re-use envelopes
• Print & photocopy on both sides of paper
• Employees will be encouraged to turn off all equipment before leaving the offices such as computers, printers, photocopiers
• To separate waste using the different containers for paper, glass and plastic which are provided by the Company
• Encourage all employees to donate unwanted products to be given to charity
• Paper which is blank on one side will be collected to make notebooks to be distributed to the staff and third parties
• Close doors and windows when air-conditioners are working and switch-off when not required

Initiatives to be promoted with the employees at the Container Terminals

• Operators will be encouraged to switch off lights of the cranes and offices during the day
• Port Workers/ Operators will be encouraged not to leave engines on of tugs and lifters running unnecessarily
• Close doors and windows when air conditioners are working and switch off air conditioners when not required
• Separation of waste – A Waste Separation Management System is in place at the Container Terminals. This waste separated is disposed in an adequate manner through authorised contractors. In fact at the Container Terminals the Company is separating and when possible recycling the following waste: Metal, Rubber, Paper, Batteries, Waste Oil, Organic Waste, Oil Drums , Wood and cardboard.


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Port of Marsaxlokk

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Malta Freeport Terminals Limited
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18/11/2017, 19/11/2017, 20/11/2017, 21/11/2017, 22/11/2017, 23/11/2017, 24/11/2017, 25/11/2017, 26/11/2017


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