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During scholastic year 2014 – 2015 our school engaged in an ecological, sustainable development project “Gnien Naqra Qatra”.  The projects’ s main outcome was the creation of an eco friendly reading garden which included a rain water collection system. The project was finalized thanks to the involvement of students, staff, parents and the community through the reuse of recycled material. It is important to note that in Malta water retention is a primary focus within sustainable development and education.  

During this scholastic year (2015 – 2016) our school’s primary focus will be the development and utilization of the eco reading garden in line with the National Waste Management strategy.  Hopefully this will contextualize waste management actions and motivate participants to endorse and implement the three R’s in waste management. This will be attained through the setting up of projects which include activities that center around the eco-reading garden and take advantage of the sense of community action that was developed last year.  Santa Goes Green is one such activity and is being conceptualized as an extension of the eco reading garden project.  

Santa Goes Green includes the development of an eco friendly Christmas area within our school centering around the eco-reading garden.  Within the garden we aim to create a crib out of recycled material.  Crib making is a very popular traditional activity within Maltese families and by its own nature it lends it to the developmof the concepts endorsed within the National Waste Management Strategy.

The eco friendly Christmas area will also incorporate a Santa Goes Green Room.  This room will be created and entirely developed through the use of recycled material.  The room will be used by educators as an oracy and storytelling area throughout the month of December.   It will also host a Green Santa during the school Christmas activities.  The room will be developed through the active participation of parents, community members, students and staff. Project participants will plan the resources needed and create them during the European Week for Waste Reduction.  These resources include a Christmas tree made of recycled plastic bottles, decorations made out of recycled paper, cardboard and plastic cups, reutilization of Christmas cards and the reutilization of used fabric which will be used for the crib creation.  


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Triq Wied is-Sir
MST 2104

Action Developer

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Maria Regina College Mosta Primary A Kindergarten Annexe
# Educational Establishment

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Assistant Head of School


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23/11/2015, 24/11/2015, 25/11/2015, 26/11/2015


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