Saving Wastes At Beyoglu’s Traditional Street Markets


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In the street markets located in many of our cities, especially in the traditional street markets of the Beyoğlu district, organic waste is not collected separately at its source. In line with a better waste management and waste reduction goal, organic waste should be collected separately at the source. In the light of this information, we will organize this organization in order to collect organic waste separately at the source in the traditional street markets of Beyoğlu district. The organization includes vendors, customers and housewives who make up the majority of customers in traditional street markets. Within the scope of the European waste reduction week event, we will provide general information about reduce, recycling, reuse and organic waste at the entry points of street markets between 23.11.2020 and 27.11.2020. We will collect organic wastes directly, we will set up organic waste collection point at the entrance points of traditional street markets by using organic waste containers and organic waste collection vehicle. We will inform the participants that we can obtain compost from the organic waste we collect during the organization. We will increase the effectiveness of the organization with the flyers and posters we designed for the organization. At the end of this organization, we aim to collect approximately 5 tons of organic waste. These organic wastes we collect will be used in the new compost machine in the inventory of Beyoğlu Municipality and compost will be obtained. We will use this produced compost in the flower planting works of Beyoğlu Municipality.


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Republic of Turkey Beyoglu Municipality
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Phone: +905067606966


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23/11/20, 24/11/20, 25/11/20, 26/11/20, 27/11/20


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