Separation of waste: Bring it on!


WHAT will be done


During the week prior to EWWR, the ekoskola committee shall weigh all garbage bags that accumulate during the week day by day and take note.

On Monday 19th November, an awareness campaign will be launched during the general assembly for the whole school population. During this launch, the ekoskola committee members will emphasise the separation of waste between recycling (green/grey bags) and general waste (black bags). During the first weeks of this scholastic year, the ekoskola committee members made sure that each and every class has an empty carton box to put recycled waste in it. They have also spoken to the ancillary staff of the school to let them know about the procedure so that they will not mix again the sorted waste.

We will also deal with the batterija campaign of hazardous waste, the compost bin found in the reading garden re organic waste and the taps collected for l-Istrina campaign. During the EWWR, the same exercise of weighing the garbage bags accumulated during the week day by day is to be redone, hoping that the awareness campaign was a success in the fact that less black bins were accumulated and more recycled bags were thrown away.

On Monday 19th November during the third lesson, a promoter from Wasteserv will hold a workshop to one particular class and the ekoskola students.

Formteachers will be asked to nominate a student from each class to be the prefect for the environment. He/she will make sure that the students in his/her class are abiding by the procedure of separating waste.

In the beginning of next year more workshops will be done in one morning to create more awareness related to misconceptions in what can be recycled and what cannot.


WHERE it will take place




Monsinjur De Piro
HMR 1241

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


San Gorg Preca College Hamrun Secondary
# Educational Establishment

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Dates of the proposed action:

19/11/2018, 20/11/2018, 21/11/2018, 22/11/2018, 23/11/2018


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