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WHAT will be done


The most populous district of İzmir, which is the 3rd most populous city of Turkey, is Buca district with a population of 517,963. As Buca Municipality, we want to create a waste-free city understanding despite this crowded population density. In this context, informative visuals will be prepared and shared about the thematic focus of EWWR 2022 and other activities.

Data-based informative posters will be prepared on basic topics such as Sustainable Textile, Circular Economy, Reduction at Source, Reuse, Waste Separation, Recycling, Limit Exceeding, Ecological Footprint, Digital Footprint, Cop 27.

Prepared informative posters will first be shared as a post on the website of Buca Municipality and all social media accounts. It will also be shared on the website of the newly established Sustainability and Innovation Center and other social media accounts of the centre. In accordance with the week, only digital posts will be shared in order reduce our carbon footprint. We will also share on digital boards within the borders of Buca District.


WHERE it will take place




Dumlupinar District, 111 Street
+90 505 172 81 18

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Buca Municipality
# Administration/Public Authority

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Dates of the proposed action:

19/11/22, 20/11/22, 21/11/22, 22/11/22, 23/11/22, 24/11/22, 25/11/22, 26/11/22, 27/11/22


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