Sharing Best Practices in the Use of Less Packaging to reduce waste!!


WHAT will be done


The following are the various initiatives that will be undertaken by Malta Freeport Terminals during 'European Week for Waste Reduction' (EWWR2016)

1. Team-Building Activity

The Company will be organising a team building activity for its employees which will focus on the theme of EWWR 2016 – Packaging Waste Reduction. The team building event will involve a treasure hunt with a twist to encourage Malta Freeport Terminal’ employees to participate. The main objective of the Treasure Hunt is the effective dissemination of this year’s core message by the Freeport’s employees to various people from all walks of life. In fact, the Freeport’s employees will be asked to visit various places i.e. restaurants, coffee shops, museums, shopping centres, schools, government departments etc to be able to convey the core message of EWWR 2016 in an innovative way with as many persons as possible. The Freeport’s participants will only be able to proceed from one location to the next to be able to complete the treasure hunt with the full support of the general public. The employees will be asked on this year’s theme of EWWR 2016 and general questions on the 3Rs as well as on the incentives being pursued by Malta Freeport Terminals Limited to reduce waste.

2. Clean-up Activity

Malta Freeport Terminals’ employees will also be involved in the cleaning-up of an area at the locality of Birzebbugia to be identified by the Birzebbugia Local Council as part of the Freeport's efforts to contribute in the cleaning up of its neighbourhood. In addition to its employees the Freeport will also be inviting other companies to participate in this initiative including those companies that have their offices within the Administration Building of Malta Freeport Terminals, employees from the Malta Freeport Authority as well as institutions that the Company supports through its Corporate and Social Responsibility programme.

During EWWR Malta Freeport Terminals will be using different methods to communicate with its employees and third parties the initiatives being taken by the Company to reduce waste including the Company's internet site, e-mails, billboards and stands will also be set-up at key places.

3.0 Other initiatives

3.1 General Initiatives that will be pursued by Malta Freeport Terminals to communicate / promote the various initiatives being pursued with its Employees, Clients & Contractors include:

• Setting up of a sub-section within Malta Freeport Terminals’ Internet Site under the Section of Health, Safety & Environment to promote the initiatives being taken by Malta Freeport Terminals during ‘European Week for Waste Reduction'.

• Videos & Presentations on Waste Management and the various initiatives being pursued by the Freeport as regards to waste management will be shown at all public areas of the Company.

• Suggestion boxes will be placed at various key areas of the Company to encourage the employees to make their suggestions on how the Company can reduce waste

• Appoint a Green Champion who will communicate regularly with various employees from different departments to find ways to assist the Company to reduce waste

• Employees to be kept continuously abreast with the initiatives being promoted by the Company to reduce waste through internet site, notices on the notice boards, e-mails rtc.

• Issue of Press Statements to inform the general public on the initiatives being pursued by Malta Freeport to reduce waste

3.2 Initiatives to be promoted with the Office Personnel

• Re-use envelopes
• Print & photocopy on both sides of paper
• Employees will be encouraged to turn off all equipment before leaving the offices such as computers, printers, photocopiers
• Employees will be encouraged to use their own mugs and refrain from using disposable cups
• To separate waste using the different containers for paper, glass and plastic which are provided by the Company
• Encourage employees to donate unwanted products to be given to charity
• Paper which is blank on one side will be collected to make notebooks to be distributed to the staff and third parties
• Close doors and windows when air-conditioners are working and switch-off when not required

3.3 Initiatives to be promoted with the employees at the Container Terminals

• Operators will be encouraged to switch off lights of the cranes and offices during the day
• Port Workers/ Operators will be encouraged not to leave engines on of tugs and lifters running unnecessarily
• Close doors and windows when air conditioners are working and switch off air conditioners when not required
• Separation of waste – A Waste Separation Management System is in place at the Container Terminals. This waste separated is disposed in an adequate manner through authorised contractors. In fact at the Container Terminals the Company is separating and when possible recycling the following waste: Metal , Rubber , Paper, Batteries, Waste Oil, Organic Waste, Oil Drums , Wood and cardboard.

4. Activities for the Children of the Freeport's employees

Various activities will be organised for the children of the employees including the preparation of a zero waste lunch, tree plantation in the locality of Birzebbugia, clean-up event to be held at the Promenade Park of Birzebbugia, decoration of a cloth bag to be used instead of plastic bags and the creation of crib made from reused packaging material.

5. Sculpture and Photography Competition

Employees will be encouraged to participated in a competition for the creation of a sculpture using reused / recycled material and to participate in a photographic competition on the 3Rs.


WHERE it will take place




Port of Marsaxlokk

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Malta Freeport Terminals Limited
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Director, HR, Health and Safety, Quality


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19/11/2016, 20/11/2016, 21/11/2016, 22/11/2016, 23/11/2016, 24/11/2016, 25/11/2016, 26/11/2016, 27/11/2016


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