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“Sincerely, Food Cyprus”, is a bi-communal sub-grant awarded to AKTI Project and Research Centre, as part of the project which is EU-funded “Sincerely, Food” project (funded under the ‘Global learning approach on food waste in non-formal education’ call). “Sincerely, Food Cyprus” aims to utilise the engaging material developed by the ”Sincerely, Food” project, adapt it to the Cypriot reality, disseminate it and raise awareness about food waste to as wide an audience as possible. The project in Cyprus was launched in September 2019 and will conclude in December 2020.

During the European Week for Waste Reduction, the following activities will be implemented by AKTI within the framework of the “Sincerely, Food Cyprus” project:

Activity 1: Interactive Education and Awareness Raising Presentations at Schools

These interactive presentations will take place at 2 schools during EWWR, reaching at least 100 students. During these events, students will learn about the important environmental issue of food waste, its global impact, the relevant United Nations goals and their significance. The presentations will incorporate several interactive elements, including quizzes, puzzles, food tasting and learning about recipes to use leftover foods. Following the presentation at each school, the material developed by ‘Sincerely, Food’ will be handed out to the students to take home and engage their parents. Together with the material, recipes for using presumably ‘waste’ produce will also be distributed.

Activity 2: “Cooking for the elders” in Geroskipou Municipal Kitchen:

Everyday more than 100 elders and immigrants get a hot meal from Geroskipou Municipal Kitchen. Our team will visit the Municipal Kitchen and cook with the Municipal team, using recipes and techniques that promoting the minimization of food waste. At the same time, everyone at the Kitchen, from the staff to the ‘customers’ will be informed about the project.

The project activities mentioned above aim to raise awareness about food waste to the widest possible audience. Emphasis will be placed on those target groups that are most likely to make a difference in the amount of food waste generated, of which households, cooks and children.

Activity 3:  Training the home carers:

The Federation of Filipino Organisations in Cyprus with AKTI’s staff will implement specific fast-training event in Nicosia, on Sunday 29th of November, distributing the information material of Sincerely Food program, that has been translated in Filipino. Food Waste can become a tool for social inclusion!


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Kyrenias, Platy Aglantzias

Action Developer

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AKTI Project and Research Centre
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Tel: (+357) 22458485


Fax: (+357) 22458486





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23/11/20, 25/11/20, 26/11/20, 29/11/20


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