#SkepsouAllios by European Reliance#SkepsouAllios by European Reliance


WHAT will be done


Focused on circular economy European Reliance (Europaiki Pisti) is developing the campaign #SkepsouAllios (Think Different) in order to encourage collaboration between its employees to reduce sing use plastics and prefer reusable products daily. Under this campaign a lot of actions will be developed. During the week 20-28 of November a video spot will be promoted in social media encouraging all target groups to be informed about circular economy and adopt a different and more sustainable way of living, by reducing unneeded consumption and focusing on giving second life in already existing products. Outdoor campaign, radio spots and cinema spots will be promoted by giving important information about circular economy in all the citizens of the Greek capital. Also, a platform – site will inform consumers about circular economy and banning of single use plastics, containing 1) an e-book with the history of plastic and smart tips 2) the Vision Magazine. A well-known Greek fashion designer and a Greek writer are also participating in the campaign #SkepsouAllios. European Reliance reminds daily the importance of circular economy by special graphic designs that are decorating the inner spaces of its building. Also, European Reliance adopted a beach in Attica Region of Mati, which was destroyed during the wild fires of 2018 and supports its cleaning efforts with the program “Paralies”. All the garbage and plastics are collected and are becoming a part of circular economy. European Reliance this year became a part of the green index in the Athens Stock Exchange Market.


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Kifissias Avenue

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European Reliance (Europaiki Pisti)
# Business/Industry

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20/11/21, 21/11/21, 22/11/21, 23/11/21, 24/11/21, 25/11/21, 26/11/21, 27/11/21, 28/11/21


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