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2. A survey, entitled " Feed People not Landfills" was conducted amongst Maltese and other European families (Italy and Netherlands). The theme was centered on recycling and reusing practices. It was set online and shred through social media. It reached close to 600 families. The survey wanted to investigate the % of people who actually recycle/reuse, and how the Maltese compared to other European countries. Results were shared amongst all students through assemblies, and were also published on the school’s website and Facebook page. Hopefully those who still fail to recycle or reuse will be encouraged to do so when they realise they are part of an absolute minority.
3. An artistic competition in relation to the above topic including story, drawing and poem writing will be carried out with all students within the school. The work will be exhibited permanently in the school and published on the school website.

This video will be shown to the students during assemblies, to parents during parents' evening and parents' day and will be made available online on the school website and facebook.


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B. Bontadini Street

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St Theresa College Secondary Mriehel
# Educational Establishment

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21/11/2016, 22/11/2016, 23/11/2016, 24/11/2016, 25/11/2016


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