Students choose to reuse!Students choose to reuse!


WHAT will be done


Reuse is one of the best practices in terms of sustainable living. To this direction, DIADYMA S.A., as the official solid waste management body in Western Macedonia region in Greece, and in collaboration with the respective municipalities, has introduced a new system for items suitable for reuse. Being a pioneer, it is the first venture of a reuse center in municipality level in Greece. The items are stored in 2 brand new reuse centers, one in Kastoria city and one in Florina city (soon other 3 more will be added in Grevena, Kozani and Ptolemaida cities). The reuse centers accept household -indoors and outdoors- items and they are available to all citizens for reuse, free of charge. Furthermore, in the framework of a reward system, citizens can collect reuse points for every item they give or take from a reuse center and thus they can earn special privileges.

For the EWWR 2021 we ask primary school students to collect toys, books, or other school items that they don’t need any more and to offer them to the reuse centers, so that they will be available for reuse. The school that will collect the most reuse points per student will earn a big prize!

Our target is to promote reuse as a good practice, in as many citizens as possible, to raise awareness about the lifecycle of items, especially those that are not recyclable (such as most of the toys) and as a result to promote an eco-friendly habit. We strongly believe that united we can achieve a society with as less waste as possible in the path of zero waste.


WHERE it will take place




6o km Kozanis-Ptolemaidas
6o km Kozanis-Ptolemaidas

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Waste Management of Western Macedonia (DIADYMA SA)
# Administration/Public Authority

How can you get in contact:

Phone number: +30 2461045531
Facebook: Διάδυμα - diadyma (tag: @diadyma)
Instagram: diadyma_sa


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

20/11/21, 22/11/21, 23/11/21, 24/11/21, 25/11/21, 26/11/21, 27/11/21


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