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25.11. is Black Friday. The day when people all over the world are invited to consume special offers. It’s all about consumption and quantity. Choosing this date we want to set an example and show that consumption can be done in a different way, more fun, more socializing and more sustainably. By inviting Maltese nationals and residents to visit our office in Floriana, bringing their used items like clothes or books, which are still in a good condition and are ready to meet “their new owner”, we take action and introduce a new way of “shopping”. People can swap their items with each other, e.g. bring a T-Shirt and take a trouser or a book back home. Not only swapping/exchanging is possible, but we also offer to repair damaged or broken items. We have several sewing machines on the premises and we can teach our visitors how to use them.
Whilst “shopping” and swapping, our guests are invited to have a drink and snacks and to get to know each other.


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Xatt ic-Cangatura
Friends of the Earth Malta

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Friends of the Earth Malta
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