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We are making an event ÅTERBRUKSFESTEN or “REUSE PARTY” at the culture place Magasinet which is situated in the center of Falun close to the buss and railway station.

Last year we had about one thousand persons who entered the Återbruksfesten to enjoy the event. This year we hope to engage and inspire people how to use re-design, and idéas om reusing material/waste in new ways.

Students from a local High school will make a catwalk with reused material.
Arts will present their art
SMART Fart will expose their project of repairing bicycles which have been left at different places in town , most often destroyed in one or other way. The bicylcles are used for the publictransport for free when you come with a bus or train you can borrow them for free. Students can hire reused bicycle during their student time in Falun and tourist kan borrow them close to the big square in the city.
Falu Energi och Vatten will have a program for children regarding to change waste to possibilities!
REDOO slöjdsföreningen will have workshops for children how to make your own Christmas gift.
and Dala Hemslöjdsförening will have workshops for adults and young people how to make your own things of trash, etc.

Of coarse you will get the Swedish dish “Pytt i panna” as dinner which is containg the rests from the menu of this week.

Music an reward to the best reusing idéas will be presented and much more…..


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