The 3 Rs in Practice


WHAT will be done


1. We will be creating a map which will highlight all tailors, charity shops, thrift stores, textile bins, and shoemakers around the Western Region to raise awareness on where to dispose of such types of waste, fix such clothing items instead of disposing of them, or at the very least, to donate their unwanted clothing to charity shops. 2. We will also create a box separating mini-game for citizens to use to separate their waste during cultural events within the region (Example: Feasts). Waste separation is a huge problem during any event, and thus such an initiative would help to improve waste separation in a fun way.
3. To improve awareness and education, we will be uploading posts on our social media to educate people on how to dispose of textile waste properly and reuse unwanted textiles and practices to prolong the life of clothing items, such as proper washing frequency of certain types of fabrics and which kinds of products to use for specific fabrics. We will post one daily for the whole week of EWWR.


WHERE it will take place




Triq il-Gvern Lokali
Western Regional Council
MRS 3000

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Reġjun Punent
# Administration/Public Authority

How can you get in contact:


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

19/11/22, 20/11/22, 21/11/22, 22/11/22, 23/11/22, 24/11/22, 25/11/22, 26/11/22, 27/11/22


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