Publish blog article with regards to the environmental benefits of modern cloth nappies


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We will be publishing a blog article with regards to the environmental benefits of modern cloth nappies

After using modern cloth nappies for my own baby daughter and experiencing first hand the long list of benefits they offer, I was inspired to launch The Cloth Nappy Company, making reusable cloth nappies easily available and accessible within the Maltese market.

Every year, 450 billion disposable nappies go to landfills, each nappy taking 500 years to decompose. One baby will go through over 5,000 disposable nappies from when they are born to when they are potty trained. Modern cloth nappies offer the ideal alternative. Just 20 cloth nappies are enough for one child, and can be re-used for a second child and more, eliminating tonnes of waste of single use plastics.

Modern cloth nappies come in lots of attractive colours and designs, they help avoid nappy rash and work out to be cheaper than using disposables. On average, a baby goes through eight nappies a day until they are potty trained. This amounts to €1,200 worth of disposable nappies. Cloth nappies cost around €635 in total including helpful accessories and washing costs. You’ll make a saving of over €500 when using cloth nappies, and that is just on the first child.

At The Cloth Nappy Company we offer free monthly talks, free 1:1 personal consultations and also take part in a number of events around Malta including the Eco Market, a monthly event.

We are establishing a community to encourage the use of reusable cloth nappies and make sure that anyone who wants to use them can do so with ease.


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