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Soap Café is a family run local manufacturer of handmade and organic cosmetics selling soaps, lotions, hair, care, men care, etc. For 7 years it has developed an ongoing waste reduction approach and a good ecological approach in general:

-Designing the space with old and used furniture whilst also using efficient lighting
-Eco consumptions in general: by sourcing as much local ingredients for our production to avoid carbon footprint
-Fighting against superfluous packaging by creating solid formulas such as soap bars, shampoo bars and lotions in solid format and using the bare minimum for packaging thus reducing waste from source.
-Since we introduced the liquid versions we also adopted a refillable system where clients can fill up their goods on the spot.

During Waste Reduction Week, Soap Café decided to take more time to speak about this approach with customers whilst also introduce a new reusable ecological cotton bag to complement our ecological products. During this week, this new bag will be launched and it will have a ‘membership’ linked to it which will be automatically be linked to a discount. This will make it more attractive to make people bring their own bags rather than supplying them with paper bags. Moreover it reduces the need of printing ‘memberships’ or ‘point cards’ on paper.


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St. Mary Street

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Soap Cafe
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23/11/2015, 24/11/2015, 25/11/2015, 26/11/2015, 27/11/2015


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