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Communication event at the Oscar Niemeyer International Center of the Project “THE LANGUAGE OF THE SEA: teaching values through languages”.

In this event, a short film that summarizes a year of work of our project, which ensures the conservation of the environment, treating the invasion of plastic, will be presented nationwide. For a year we have educated and trained our students, staff … in the three Rs informing them of how the excessive use of plastic affects our seas and environment and highlighting the importance of adapting our daily habits to a lifestyle based on a Circular economy, not only worrying about recycling, but also about reducing consumption and optimizing the resources available.
All this work culminates in a great meeting on the northern beaches in which more than 1500 people from Asturias, Cantabria, Euskadi and Galicia participated. With this action we sought to give visibility to the project and, above all, to make our students… aware that this waste problem we have worked on in the centers is real and affects us all without exception.

In this act, a video will also be shown where activist Greta Thunberg addresses the children of the world and suggests that they plant a tree. Linking with this idea, each child will be given an indigenous oak acorn (achieved thanks to the QUERCUS program of the LURGAIA foundation) so that they can plant it at home and see their birth, evolution … that is, to make them feel involved in the miracle of life in nature. This plant will be in their homes for a year, which will be a day-to-day reminder of the importance of taking care of our surroundings and how it is in our hands to make a more sustainable world.

Once a year has gone by, this small plant will be taken to a space that has been given to us in the PARQUE DE LA VIDA in Asturias so that it can grow as an adult tree.
With all of this, what we want is that all the information given to the students does not fall in deaf ears or is not something temporary, we want to create a lasting link with nature and the conviction that, in addition to large companies and governments, we also have the power to change things, that it is possible to adopt the principles of a circular economy in our day-to-day lives and that through small gestures great changes can be achieved, especially those of us who have the most powerful tool: EDUCATION and the most sensitive material: CHILDREN, they learn naturally and are also our future. The leaders of the future are the children of today and those who have grown sensitized in the Rs and the importance of their gestures, will be leaders who will love and defend our nature.



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- Asturias



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16/11/2019, 17/11/2019, 18/11/2019, 19/11/2019, 20/11/2019, 21/11/2019, 22/11/2019


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