The Monaco Economic Board goes ecologic


WHAT will be done


The Monaco Economic Board commits to be an example to its members on reducing waste and being more eco responsible in its everyday work after several measures that have been taken this year, notably:
1) Changing the spotlights in our offices
2) Replacing plastic bottles of water by glass water bottles for our 14 employees.
3) Projecting internal reports for internal meetings instead of printing them
To take further and new steps, we envisage introducing two actions per week to reduce waste in our offices :
1) From the 18th of November 2019, once a week, printing will be restricted in the office the whole day, allowing us to be even more digital and use considerably less paper.
2) All one side printed papers will be reused as a notebook allowing us to stop buying brand new notebooks for our employees.
These new measures will be accompanied by an internal sensitivity programme – Green Workshops -, from 2020, exclusively reserved to our members, geared to raising awareness regarding the eco-responsible way of doing business and the reduction of the impact on environment while bringing benefit to the community.


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Principality of Monaco


Rue de la Lujerneta

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Monaco Economic Board
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