Tiganokinisi: A circular bioeconomy, community-based action: converting used cooking oil into “fuel” for innovation and green education.Tiganokinisi: A circular bioeconomy, community-based action: converting used cooking oil into “fuel” for innovation and green education.


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AKTI Project and Research Centre designed, developed and implements since 2011 a project, named ‘Tiganokinisi’ (literally meaning ‘pan movement’ in Greek) which addresses the problem of UCO (Used Cooking Oil), and with a smart, solution-oriented approach, makes society reuse and rethink: proving that a harmful waste can be transformed into a source of income and “supportive fuel” to promote innovation for the most vulnerable groups of our society: children and unemployed youth. The project has education at its core, innovation and a strong social character. The structure is simple: schools express their interest to install a collection barrel on their premises, students bring UCO from home. Also local enterprises are able to donate their cooking oil to a school of their choice. AKTI collects and sells the UCO to conversion factories to be transformed into biofuel. The profits from the sale of the UCO are proportionally distributed back to schools to be invested in environmentally friendly practices and green infrastructure. Part of the income goes to fund the environmental education activities that have been developed and implemented by AKTI. A mobile information and education centre, the “caravan”, travels to schools and public events for on-site conversion demonstrations. It hosts a transparent step-by-step experimental process adaptable to all ages of trainees for the conversion of cooking oil into biodiesel, but also hosts e-innovation, mobile applications, intelligent equipment and other technological devices relevant to energy efficiency, marine litter, and activities to combat climate change. The project promotes resource efficiency and environmental protection, while creating jobs in a niche market of the green economy. On the 22/11/2021 five presentations on the Tiganokinisi project will be conducted at a primary school which is part of the project’s aim of raising awareness and informing students of the benefits of collecting and converting used cooking oil.


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AKTI Project and Research Centre
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email: tiganokinisi@akti.org.cy
phone: +357 22458485
Facebook: @akti.cy


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