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 Waste management is a big challenge in Morocco, and deserves more attention. Recycling must be addressed in the public sector sphere, by private and public entities working together. We aim to encourage recycling, at micro and macro level as there is a lack of formal recycling of solid waste country wide. Mass landfills are the current practice, and this has become both financially and environmentally unsustainable.
 Moroccan youth face various challenges, and the country has a large young demography. Disadvantaged youth face many barriers to formal employment, and 46,2% of the Moroccan population is under the age of 25. Another explanation is the fact that almost 35% of Moroccan adults have no education, and almost a quarter, 38% have a basic education. Women are largely excluded from the labour market, only 23% are active.(source WB, 2017).

Development impact (specific policy theme)
Tadweir is a social business operating one year now, and that recycles solid waste. At present the informal sector predominates activities in waste management, and recycling of garbage is inefficient or yet underdeveloped. We aim for recycling to become more formalized.
Our impact aligns directly with 2 SDG goals; Firstly recycling contributes to more efficient value chains, where employees gain access to social welfare benefits, and the environment also becomes more protected. The former generates more trained human capital, and the latter helps maintain natural resource value. Weekly we produce and sell tonnes of compacted materials. Our recycling includes materials such as plastic, paper, tinned items, technical equipment and also glass.
Our core value at Tadweir is to promote social integration, and training, by employing less advantaged young women and men from the informal sector, encouraging them to develop their skills within their working environment. Hence this pertains directly to improved employment for youth and women (SDG goal).


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Tadweir Recycling
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19/11/2018, 20/11/2018


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