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WHAT will be done


Annually the Gzira Local Council celebrates 'Universal Children's Day' on the Sunday before the 20th of November.

One of our recurrent themes is educating the 100's of children and parents who turn up for this event in waste management and waste reduction.

We have a logo for this action and this year we are going to reduce the use of single plastics, even further than in previous years (close to zero) Water will be served free and directly from an RO machine, using reusable water flasks and cardboard cups, soft drinks in plastic bottles will not be sold from the bar and the use of plastic cups, plates or straws not allowed.

The event poster and our logo uniting us against pollution will be displayed on local TV stations and the importance of these actions explained in pre-event interviews.

A number of Environmental NGO are being invited to participate and given free space to exhibit their work and efforts towards the environment.

The Gzira LC will be setting up its own stand beside that of the NGO's
to invite and explain to children and parents about waste disposal and separation.

This children's event is held annually and every year we escalate our efforts towards a cleaner environment by increasing our positive action in educating visitors / children / families in household waste management and separation,

For more information about our event and our actions on the Sunday 17 November, please visit us on FB – universal children's day malta – there will be photos of the event and other material related tp of efforts and contribution to EWWR


WHERE it will take place




Gzira Football Ground Sliema Road
GZR 1633

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Gzira Local Council
# Administration/Public Authority

How can you get in contact:


Alexander Zammit alexander.d.zammit@gov.mt 0035699643962


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