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WHAT will be done


20th November

Changing society’s attitude towards recycling has been at the forefront of many national agendas, including that of Malta. The University of Malta, its student body, all academics, staff and administration should be the ones leading certain societal changes, as this particular issue is considered to be a very pertinent one. KSU has noted that the majority of university students prepare for their exams through the use of hand-written and printed notes. Hence, KSU feels that such notes are to be recycled with the aim of reducing the amount of paper wastage on campus and the purpose of reusing such paper for alternative purposes. Hence, on the 20th of November, KSU would like to dedicate a whole day for the disposal of notes. On the day, KSU will be promoting such an initiative by placing them in permanent installations catered specifically for such purpose.


WHERE it will take place




Student's House, University of Malta,
KSU Office
MSD 2080

Action Developer

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Kunsill Studenti Universitarji
# Association/NGO

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