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WHAT will be done


1. In our School, during the crochet club students are learning how to crochet. As part of this club students will be collecting used and unwanted sweaters which will then be repurposed into crocheted items. The process will involve all the school community collecting the sweaters which will be unravelled, and the yarn will be upcycled into new fashionable items that students can use (example: headbands, bags, bookmarks…etc.).

By this action we are encouraging the community to repurpose old or unwanted garments thus discouraging society from purchasing new products. This is an ongoing project that eventually students will be able to create more items as they gain more skills such as blankets and ponchos. Besides, this initiative can be promoted nationwide in order to continue the waste reduction campaign.

2. Students researched the theme of Ethical Wardrobe, then made a video to inform viewers of the environmental impact of the fashion industry and what the public can do to have an ethical wardrobe, a wardrobe that is sustainable and respects the environment. An investigation was also carried out to find out if shoppers are aware that there are clothes made from sustainable sources and recycled material for sale in local shops. The video will be disseminated on TV programme Gimgha b’Gimgha on NET TV on 21 November


WHERE it will take place




Swatar, L/O Dingli
St Nicholas College, Dingli Secondary School
RBT 2463

Action Developer

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St Nicholas College, Dingli Secondary School
# Educational Establishment

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